For each of our editions, we install our bubbles in a variety of unusual locations. What’s on the agenda? An exceptional dinner and an evening under the stars.
Our aim is to offer our guests a unique and complete experience, combining a taste journey with the magic of the place.
Through these various events, we’re keen to bring to life some of Belgium’s architectural gems, such as Château de Rixensart, Château D’Huldenberg and the Val-Saint-Lambert estate.
Our teams are committed to offering you a quality service that’s both friendly and light.


For each of our editions, we place great emphasis on the quality and provenance of the products selected. Our cuisine is diverse and varied, depending on the location. Gastronomic meals, fine cuisine and sharing are on the menu for a true taste experience. Each of the dishes on offer is in keeping with the experience we want to share with you. Our different Chefs will invite you to discover their respective culinary universes through the menus they carefully prepare.


From Walloon Brabant to the city of Liège, our events take place in all 4 corners of Belgium.
The Hémisphère experience doesn’t stop at domes: we’re extending our concept to various cultural and historical sites, with the shared aim of bringing them to life.
Each of our venues is carefully selected, so that each guest is transported into a cultural and historical universe that combines the magic of the place with the Hémisphère concept.



For each of our editions, we carefully select young up-and-coming chefs to introduce you to their respective culinary worlds.
We entrust each of our editions to the Chefs who best suit them: from Sébastien Renard and Martin Volkaerts for a magical edition in December, to Chef Kevin Smissaert for an edition based on sharing and simplicity.
At the same time, our team of Chefs is at the helm of each edition to offer you an exceptional meal based on fresh, quality produce.