Benjamin Laborie

Chef Benjamin Laborie, present at two of our first two editions at Little Farm and Château de Rixensart, embodies the essence of traditional cuisine revisited with a gourmet twist. His culinary creations are a subtle marriage between classic culinary heritage and an innovative approach, offering a unique and memorable gastronomic experience. His passion for authentic flavors shines through in every dish, creating a perfect harmony of tradition and modernity.


Chef Kevin Lejeune, culinary mastermind and owner of the Brussels restaurant “La Canne en Ville”, made a brilliant contribution to our second edition at the Château de Rixensart. Its contemporary French cuisine stands out for its creativity and finesse. Each dish is a gastronomic work of art, demonstrating his talent for marrying flavors with elegance. The culinary experience it offers transports diners into a refined universe where French tradition blends harmoniously with all things modern and inventive.


Young Chef César Lewandowski, who made his debut during our three editions under the domes at : Little Farm, Château de Rixensart & Château d’Argenteuil, has since conquered the culinary world. His career was further enriched by his participation in the Top Chef 2023 TV show. His youthful cuisine draws inspiration from his travels, creating a bold fusion of flavors and techniques. César embodies the new generation of chefs, bringing freshness and inventiveness to every dish, offering diners a captivating modern gastronomic experience.



Chef Sébastien Renard delighted our two magical editions under the stars of Château de Rixensart and Château d’Argenteuil. His remarkable appearance in season 13 of Top Chef 2022 confirmed his exceptional talent. A true breath of good humor and positivity, he transmits this positive energy in his tasty cuisine. Her culinary creativity, tinged with originality, transforms every dish into an unforgettable taste experience, adding a touch of magic to every bite.


Chef Martin Volkaerts, voted young Walloon chef by Gault & Millau, lit up our fairytale edition at the Château d’Argenteuil. A young cooking prodigy, his talent was revealed when he took part in Top Chef 2015. At the helm of gourmet restaurant L’Amandier, he excels in the art of contemporary & creative cuisine. Each dish is a work of innovation, combining bold flavors and elegant presentation, making every meal an exquisite and memorable culinary experience.


Chef David Selen, creator of delights at his restaurant L’Improviste in Waregem, has delighted two of our culinary experiences: at Château d’Argenteuil and during the Bohemian edition at Château d’Huldenberg. His cuisine, a veritable gustatory voyage of discovery through the cuisines of the world, stands out for its daring interplay of flavors. Each dish is a sensory adventure, capturing the essence of different culinary cultures to offer a rich and surprising gastronomic experience. Chef Selen creates a vibrant array of delights, inviting guests to explore the pleasures of the table with wonder.


Chef Loïc Dufour, from the restaurant “Le Grill Dufour”, brought his exceptional savoir-faire to our Bohemian Edition at Château d’Huldenberg. Its traditional cuisine focuses on raw ingredients, especially meat, to create an authentic culinary experience. Passionate about innovative techniques, he put on a real culinary show during his visit, featuring meat cooked with flambadou. Each dish is a masterful demonstration of his art, combining tradition & creativity to offer a memorable and captivating gastronomic experience.


From April 8 to May 26, 2024 at Château du Saulchoy, immerse yourself in the sparkling culinary universe of Chef Pierre Kaisin of the Gault et Millau-renowned Ruffus restaurant “Le Bouchon des Agaises”.

Under the domes, Pierre Kaisin invites you to savor an exceptional menu featuring Belgian sparkling wine Ruffus.
Through a creative variation of dishes, the Chef transcends the boundaries of cuisine to offer you a symphony of perfectly orchestrated flavors. Let yourself be enchanted by the magical combination of refined dishes and delicate bubbles, creating a unique sensory experience.


From March 8 to April 7, 2024, immerse yourself in the culinary world of Chef Viktoria Thirionet of the “tout près tout prêt” house.

Viktoria’s signature menu invites you on a gustatory journey where fresh, local produce blends with the finesse of organic cuisine. His passion for quality ingredients shines through in every dish, offering a culinary experience that will tantalize your taste buds. Let yourself be seduced by his creativity and expertise, which, under the domes, will transform each dish into a celebration of cuisine, sustainability and terroir.


Chef Kevin Smissaert, our Hemisphere chef, orchestrated every one of the culinary experiences at all our events, bringing expertise acquired alongside the greatest chefs. At Château de la Hulpe, he unveiled his bold and creative menu, demonstrating his ability to fuse varied influences in every dish. His versatility and experience translate into a symphony of innovative flavors, making every tasting an unforgettable culinary journey. Kevin Smissaert is the passionate architect of exceptional gastronomic moments at our events.


Official chef of the Domaine du Val-Saint-Lambert in Liege, Sophie delighted us with her culinary talent for an edition under the sign of sharing. Passionate since childhood, watching her dad’s moves in the kitchen of the family Lebanese restaurant “L’envers du cirque” in Roture, she worked in the kitchens of several Liège brasseries before taking on new challenges abroad. Equally at home in the mountains (Chalet Alpage in La Clusaz) or by the sea (Bahia beach in Biarritz or Corsica), her cuisine is seasonal, feminine and gourmet. You’ll enjoy fusion dishes inspired by his Belgian-Lebanese origins and his travels around the world. Taste, finesse and creativity are on the menu with Chef Chammas.



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