Address: 70 Chemin du Cornet, 7060 Soignies

Parking: Parking is on the street (all the way) on the side opposite the château entrance.


Is it possible to make a specific request?

Yes, if you wish to make a specific request at the time of booking or before you make your reservation, you can send an e-mail to You can also add comments to your booking on our website.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, we make electronic gift vouchers that you can print out afterwards. To do this, you needffit apply to

Can I add another person to my table?

Yes it is possible, for any addition request please send an email minimum 3 days in advance to

Are the bubbles heated or cooled?

Yes, all our bubbles have one or more heaters.ffor air-conditioning depending on the day’s weather.

How to dress?

We advise you to adapt to the weather conditions of the day and of the site where the event takes place and its conditions (lawn, gravel, wooden boards, etc.).

How do I book a Sunday Brunch?

To reserve one of our brunches, please visit the following website:



Systemèe in each each dome

Air packaged in each dôme

Possibility ofto make special requestsèfor site privatizations on