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This summer, our gastronomic domes return to the peaceful lakes of Château d’Huldenberg, creating an unusual and magical setting. Talented chefs will be on hand to offer 4 or 6-course menus, revealing their culinary universe. A central kitchen dome offers an immersive experience where you can watch your dishes being created as you dine.

Join us on July 03 & create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

LE CHÂTEAU Du val saint-lambert (cork)

For its second edition from July 10 to August 11, Val Saint-Lambert invites you to a magical culinary experience. Enjoy a 5-course menu by talented Chef Philippe Ratzel. Each dish, made from organic ingredients, will take you on an enchanting gustatory journey. Book your evening under the stars and let yourself be seduced by the perfect fusion of gastronomy and heritage. Enjoy a memorable evening with your loved ones in an exceptional setting.


This summer, discover three exceptional vineyards and embark on an unusual oenological experience!

Imagine a balmy summer evening in a vineyard of verdant vines stretching as far as the eye can see. In the middle of this idyllic landscape stands a transparent dome revealing a large, elegantly laid table for up to 30 guests. A sommelier stands at the center of the table, ready to guide you through an exceptional wine tasting.

Each stage of the Belgiume Wine Tour takes you into the fascinating world of four Belgian vineyards, each with its own history, traditions and winegrowing treasures. The sommelier passionately shares anecdotes and secrets from each estate, enriching your experience with captivating tales. Dhe 5-course menu features cold-temperature dishes delicately prepared to sublimate the selected wines.

To round off the evening, take part in an interactive wine quiz, where you can test your new knowledge in a fun and friendly atmosphere!


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